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Discovering Kanban: The Evolutionary Path to Enterprise Scale Agility (Print, Paperback)


Discovering Kanban is the first in a four-volume Better with Kanban series providing complete coverage of the Kanban Method and its implementation at very large, enterprise scale implementations that span the entirety of modern enterprises. 

This first volume tells the origin story of Kanban, the story of how concepts from physical industries were adapted and adopted for modern 21st-century intellectual work, illustrating with early success stories from Microsoft and two other modern technology businesses based in Seattle and San Francisco. The concepts introduced here provide a foundation for the whole series and the complete Method. It is a must-read book for anyone tasked with leading and managing modern enterprises in which the workers think for a living, working with their brains much more than with their hands.

“The long-awaited second edition to the original Kanban book strikes the perfect balance between familiarity and new world Kanban. With something for everyone, including fresh insights, it’s a must-have for both Kanban practitioners and newcomers. A gem worth adding to your collection!”

– Helen Meek, KCP, AKT



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