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Kanban from the Inside - Mike Burrows - KINDLE/MOBI EBOOK edition

Kanban from the Inside - Mike Burrows - KINDLE/MOBI EBOOK edition

"I set myself the task of describing the 'humane, start with what you do now approach to change' not as a productivity tool, but as a management method built around a strong framework of values—a way to help organizations work better for their people, their customers, and other stakeholders."
Mike Burrows, author

Kanban from the Inside takes a distinctive approach to the Kanban Method — using a system of nine values to explain what it is, to give insight into how its practitioners think, and to offer practical advice on how to apply it. Readers new to Kanban will understand why and how it works, while those with experience will appreciate its fresh perspective and the connections it makes with a range of related models.

Part I draws on real-world experience to explain the Kanban Method through nine values: transparency, balance, collaboration, customer focus, flow, leadership, understanding, agreement, and respect. It also introduces Kanban's three Agendas and the Kanban Lens.

Part II describes other models useful to understanding and applying the Kanban Method more effectively. It is a tour through related bodies of knowledge, including Systems Thinking, Lean, Agile, and Theory of Constraints.

Part III is a step-by-step implementation guide that brings up to date the Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban (STATIK). It offers practical ways to capture and address in your Kanban implementation the needs of your organization, your colleagues, and your customers.

"This book is the new standard that I will recommend to anyone getting started with Kanban."
Wolfgang Wiedenroth, Kanban Trainer/Coach, it-agile

"It is not focused just on the mechanics of the kanban board; rather it explains everything you need around it to keep a Kanban initiative moving."
Klaus Leopold, Kanban Trainer/Coach, LEANability

"This gave me a deeper understanding of familiar concepts and introduced concepts new to me."
Kevin Murray, Delivery Director, Valtech UK

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