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Discovering Kanban - Conference Book Purchase

Discovering Kanban - Conference Book Purchase

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From the Author
It his has been 14 years since I wrote the ¨blue book¨ and over those years I’ve learned how to explain the method better and we’ve collected a lot of stories and examples of usage.

 It’s now time to publish the definitive and comprehensive set of volumes about Kanban starting with retelling the origin story and explain the why, and the what of the Kanban Method in volume 1, while volumes 2, 3 and 4 will explain how to implement it and scale it successfully.

 The new ¨Better with Kanban¨ series will provide the definitive reference on Kanban for professional services, knowledge worker, intangible goods industries, and we anticipate these new volumes will define the standard for the next 20 years.

– David Anderson