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Kanban Maturity Model - Professional Coaches' Edition (Colour Print)

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The Kanban Maturity Model, from David J Anderson and Teodora Bozheva has everything you need to develop organizational agility, resilience, reinvention, and greater customer satisfaction. 

Start with what you are doing now and evolve your organization to a higher maturity level with codified practices for each KMM maturity level from 0-6.

The Professional Coaches’ Edition of the Kanban Maturity Model has additional content in the appendix including the Vanguard case study and the mapping W. Edward Deming’s 14 point system for management.  

Ideal for agile coaches, leaders and change agents as it provides a roadmap to help introduce the right practices based on the maturity of organisations. It will help you avoid the common failure modes of change initiatives and provide a path to greater agility, success and outcomes. 

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